Frequently Asked Questions

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BacklinksBox is a tool that helps you get links from high quality websites. It offers a comprehensive database of high quality sites that are ready to accept guest posts. You can use it as an effective link building tool and get thousands of relevant links within minutes.

backlinkbox has a mix of backlink opportunities. One of the most popular are free do-follow backlinks in content like a guest blog. Others include combinations of

  • cost - free/paid/link exchange/
  • rel - dofollow, nofollow
  • content type - guest blogs, link insertions

generic links like - Article Submission, Profile Creation. Image Submission, Author Byline, Infographics Submission, Forums QnA, Research Reference Link

We're both focused on reducing the amount of effort required to get links, so we cater to people who are just starting out as well as people who already know what they're doing.

Newbies spend less time searching for links and more time doing things that actually help them grow their business.

Experts use tools to connect with people who are already looking for them. We invert the traditional funnel and create a list of people who might be interested in working with us. You can then choose from that list which people you want to contact.

You can save time by doing link-buying at every stage of your website.

For Low DA sites- If you're looking for low DA websites, save yourself some trouble by creating a ready to use list with detailed instructions on how to create these types of backlink opportunities.

For Mid DA sites - For mid-DA websites, save time by using a combination of both free and payed sources for link acquisition. You should use a mix of free and payed sources, but not too much of each.

For high DA websites - use two and three way link exchanges, earn from paying links.

BacklinkBox does exactly what your or anyone else would do to build links. It simply optimizes it by reducing your time spent researching potential sites, contacting prospects, and setting up campaigns by offering a list of people who are willing to provide links to certain conditions.

You could probably create the site listing for Backlink Box if you had enough free hours in a day. However, if you think your free hours are worth less than the effort required to create this listing, then don't bother.